Talk2M VPN certificate updates

Why is a VPN CA update is required?

VPN Certificates are a security best practice within our industry and they always come with a pre-defined expiration date.

The Talk2M Root Certificate Authority, which administers VPN certificates, was updated in January 2017 and has since been providing updated certificates to newly registered devices.

In May 2018 we also added a feature in Talk2M to automatically update device VPN certificates.

However, there are Cosy, Flexy, and CD products registered prior to January 2017 which have not connected to Talk2M since May 2018. These devices retain an older certificate. This older certificate expired in December 31st, 2018.

How can I know if my device is concerned?

The latest version of eCatcher displays which devices need their certificates updated. These devices are marked with a red triangle icon .


When you move your cursor on the red warning icon, the following message pop-ups: "Certificate update required". By clicking the "Properties" button of the related eWON, more explanation is provided.

How can I update the certificates?

If your eWON is marked as requiring a CA update, you need to establish a local connection with this eWON device, connect the WAN port to the Internet, and re-run the Talk2M wizard. This ensures a new VPN certificate is provided to the eWON unit.

To accomplish this, follow these two steps:

Step 1: In eCatcher, retrieve the Activation Key from your Talk2M account



 Step 2: Connect locally to the eWON and run the Talk2M wizard again.


For Cosy (new GUI) – Watch the eLearning video





For Flexy (new GUI) – Watch the eLearning video





For CD, Cosy and Flexy (old GUI) – Watch the eLearning video



There is also another way which implies the use of the SD card as easy commissioning. This method requires your eWON to be running the firmware v11 or higher. More information is available in the KB-0288-00 document.

What if I don’t use the flagged eWON product anymore?

If the red icon is flagging an eWON product that is no longer in use, you can simply delete the eWON from your Talk2M account. You can learn more from our eCatcher online help.