The Free+ service of Talk2M is an Internet connectivity tool designed to address the need for broadband and wireless for remote maintenance and access to remote equipment.

Talk2M fully integrates IT security standards by enabling Internet tunneling between the user and the remote machine without requiring any changes to IT network security settings.

On request or permanently (depending on the integrated modem of the eWON unit), the eWON establishes a secure VPN connection to the Talk2M web server using a UDP or TCP HTTPS port, thereby passing through the firewall and proxy server. At the other end, the user establishes a secure VPN connection to the Talk2M web server. The Talk2M server acts as a relay to interconnect the two VPN tunnels.

To help you with all the features the Free+ version offers, the is an eCatcher Online Help. Or you can simply press the "F1" key when using eCatcher to be redirected to the helping page that explains the feature you were just about to use.

Free+ characteristics

For a detailed view of the different characteristics, please refer to the Plan & Pricing page.

Pay attention that:

  • The number of concurrent eCatcher connection for a Free+ account is limited to 1
    A concurrent VPN connection is the number of simultaneous connection (VPN seat) between a user and a device. This means that several people can connect to the same Free+ account but only a single one (at a time) will be able to connect to an eWON.
  • The data traffic is the sum of all the data volume transferred between you and your remote device (eCatcher traffic, email relay, M2U traffic,...). Except in intensive video usage, the plan quota is quite enough.

Switch from Free + to Pro

If you wish to switch from a FREE+ account to a Pro account, only the administrators have the authority to request a Talk2M Pro upgrade.

The only way to switch from a Free+ to a Pro account is via an optionĀ in the eCatcher software (in the Account panel, under the Credit & Contact) where you will have the ability to request an upgrade to a PRO account.

You will receive a confirmation email with your account details.
You can forward this email to your local eWON distributor and order the part number TM50041 with the reference of your Talk2M Free+ account xxxxxx-xx. You will receive within 3 business days a confirmation message for Talk2M Pro activation.

If you have several Talk2M Free+ accounts, you can merge all of them into a single Talk2m Pro account (this feature is available starting eCatcher 4.3). To do so:

  • Go on the Account page of your new Talk2M Pro account
  • Display the advanced settings and begin the Import Wizard (option at the bottom of the page).

If you wish to learn more, visit the eCatcher Online Help.