Getting started

Talk2M is a hosted application that acts between you and the eWON. It relays the communications originated by the users to their machines through a VPN tunnel.

Each eWON connected to your machines connects exclusively to the Talk2M server. An authentication mechanism ensures that each eWON talks to the Talk2M server that has the same key. A similar mechanism ensures that each user can only communicate with their specific eWON.



Talk2M tunnels are initiated by your eWON and use only outgoing connections. This means that there are no incoming connections, so no ports need to be enabled in your firewall.

To get your Talk2M account and start using this service to connect securely to your eWONs, pleaser refer to the Documentation page.

eCatcher Online Help

If for some reasons you need more explanations, eWON also created an online help platform dedicated to eCatcher. Each view, setting and feature is explained to inform you of the different functionnalities.

Visit the eCatcher Online Help.


Talk2M is based on the Open SSL/Open VPN protocol, so its base port is UDP 1194. However, the eCatcher software and the eWON both check whether this port is open for outgoing connections before trying to reach the Talk2M server. If closed, Talk2M is designed to use an alternative, the HTTPS port (TCP 443) since it is considered to be more widely used than the Open VPN port. 

Your communication is also well secured as the information exchanged between you and your eWON is encrypted (SSL - 2048-bit keys).

Even if you are using the M2Web platform, the communication is still in HTTPS which ensures an encrypted connection.

eWON also integrated a 2 Factor Authentication process. This secures even more the login to your account inside eCatcher or M2Web when trying to reach your eWON.
A video is available to present and demonstrate how to enable and configure the 2 Factor Authentication feature.