M2Web allows remote Web access to your eWONs and to the Ethernet devices behind the eWON. It must be connected to Talk2M to allow the M2Web access.

To realize the remote Web access, no special software is needed on the PC or on the tablet.

Simply open your Web browser and connect to https://m2web.talk2m.com.

Specify your Talk2M account and your login, and you'll be able to display the requested Web page.

The following protocols and access types are supported by M2Web:

  • HTTP (web pages)
  • VNC
  • RDP (remote desktop)

The protocol which Talk2M applies to your device when connecting through M2Web must be configured using the eCatcher application (eCatcher version 4.2.0 or higher is required).

The “M2Web - Browser-based mobile remote access” explains how to configure your eWON inside your Talk2M account to allow M2WEB access (using HTTP, VNC or Remote Desktop)

You can also watch our video explaining the HMI monitoring tool to understand the benefits of using the M2Web portal to access your panel remotely.

M2Web Logo Program

M2Web Logo Program is a feature that can be found in the Companion tool eCatcher (starting version 6) and that allows users to:

  • customize the appearance of their M2Web portal through a simple skin file
  • implement a login form to their M2Web platform on their own webapges

If you want to learn more about the M2Web Logo Program, check our document.

Personnalize your M2Web platform

Custom M2Web Portal