Talk2M Free server is shutting down!

After 10 years of honorable services, we have to shut down the TalK2M FREE server (different from the Free+ servers).  This shutdown is planned on the first of December, 2016.

To switch from a Free to a Free+ account, please refer to the AUG-067: How to migrate an eWON from a Talk2M account to another

After reading this document and if you have any concern (which firmware version can be used for example) don’t hesitate to contact us at support by specifying the eWON type (2005, 2005CD, 2101), current firmware version and if you were counting on performing the upgrade locally or remotely.

The Talk2M Free and Talk2M Go versions are no longer supported by eWON. It is suggested to switch to the Free+ version instead.

Note: If you need to perform the switch remotely and need eCatcher v2, you can find it here.

Switching from Free to Free+

As of December 31st 2011, we kept on running the old Talk2M Free service but with no possibilities to add additional eWON units nor to create additional accounts.

As of December 1st 2016, we definitely shut down the Talk2M FREE server.

Why migrate to the new Talk2M Free+ platform ?

To avoid being blocked in your deployment on the old Talk2M Free platform, we invite you to migrate your installed base and to benefit from new features, such as:

  • Improved reliability and scalability
  • Multiple users : several user logins can be created on the same Free+ account,
  • Extended reporting : a detailed monthly report of the activity on the account, showing which user connected to which eWON, when, for how long, with what volume of activity,
  • Simplified upgrade path to Talk2M Pro : no change required in eWON configuration, this becomes an administrative change only.  

How to migrate?

Because of technical constraints, it is not possible to simply upgrade to the Talk2M Free+ service directly from your “old” Talk2M Free account. You need to create yourself a new Talk2M Free+ account and register the eWON units individually on the new service, by running the Talk2M wizard, on each eWON, with the new key received from Talk2M Free+.

To assist you in this task, and to take advantage of eWON remote operation capabilities, we prepared a "step-by-step" procedure (see Documents section below) that we invite you to follow, to switch each eWON unit remotely to your new account on the new Talk2M Free+ service. 


Application User Guide (1)
AUG-0067: How to migrate an eWON from one Talk2M account to another?

How to migrate an eWON from a Talk2M Free account to a Talk2M Free+ one, using local access or remotely.