The Pro service of Talk2M provides secure on-demand access for a large number of remote machines and devices.

You can create and manage groups of users to give them specific permissions to connect to a specific set of eWONS. Talk2M Pro enables several users to access many machines at the same time.

You can also provide Web API* features for third-party applications, which makes Talk2M Pro a powerful remote service platform.

To help you with all the features the Pro version offers, the is an eCatcher Online Help. Or you can simply press the "F1" key when using eCatcher to be redirected to the helping page that explains the feature you were just about to use.

Pro characteristics

For a detailed view of the different characteristics, please refer to the Plan & Pricing page.

Pay attention that:

  • The number of concurrent eCatcher connection for a Pro account is limited to 3
    A concurrent VPN connection is the number of simultaneous connection (VPN seat) between a user and a device. This means that several people can connect to the same Free+ account but only 3 of them (at a time) will be able to connect to an eWON.
    If 3 concurrent conn. were  to be insufficient, there is always the possibility to increase the amount. For more information, contact your local distributor.
  • The data traffic is the sum of all the data volume transferred between you and your remote device (eCatcher traffic, email relay, M2U traffic,...). Except in intensive video usage, the plan quota is quite enough.

For some reasons, if you go above the quota offered by the Talk2M Pro – need additional concurrent connection, data traffic, SMS… - an additional fee will be charged and noted in your monthly report.