Talk2M Advanced


The M2Web API provides a set of web services that allow “3rd party programs to automate” control procedures, data processing and more on Talk2M-connected eWONs.

For security reasons, the Talk2M API requires a Talk2M Developer ID to access Talk2M servers. This ID allows eWON company to monitor and control usage and access to the Talk2M servers.

If you wish to learn more about the M2Web API, we suggest to read its dedicated web page on the eWON developer website.


M2U is a Talk2M service that lets eWON perform secure HTTPS request to a customer's web server. M2U is a secure communication channel that allows to push data from eWON (or LAN device) to a customer server using HTTPS.

This can be seen as the opposite channel of M2Web: M2Web allows an external operator or process to initiate a (secure) HTTPS connection to the eWON. M2U allows the eWON to initiate such a connection to the customer server.

To learn all there is to know in order to handle the M2U communication, we suggest reading the M2U section on our developer website.


The Talk2M Service "Data Mailbox" allows easy retrieval of eWON historical data.

Application developers can easily write code to retrieve historical data of multiple eWONs using the Data Mailbox without the need of learning a whole new environment.

The eWON pushes its historical data to the Data Mailbox running on Talk2M servers. This historical data is temporarily stored and is then available using the DMWeb protocol. This HTTP based protocol allows third party applications to retrieve data from the Data Mailbox in an easy way.

To learn all there is to know in order to handle the DMWeb API, we suggest reading the DMWeb section on our developer website.