Talk2M is a hosted application that acts between you and the eWON. It relays the communications originated by the users to their machines through a VPN tunnel.

Talk 2 Machines

Each eWON connected to your machines connects exclusively to the Talk2M server. An authentication mechanism ensures that each eWON talks to the Talk2M server that has the same key. A similar mechanism ensures that each user can only communicate with their specific eWON.


There are two main tools when it comes to Talk2M:

  • eCatcher
    eCatcher is the Companion tools used to initialize remote access across the Talk2M VPN network and connect to all the devices plugged into your eWON.
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  • M2Web
    M2Web allows remote Web access through a web portal, to your eWONs and to the Ethernet devices behind the eWON that handles web protocol.
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There’s also the opportunity to use the advanced features of the Talk2M connection by exploring the M2Web API or reaching securily a custom web server through M2U.

If you wish to check the status of the Talk2M servers, a dedicated server page has been created and will show in real time if a server is down or up and running.