Upgrade via eBuddy

eBuddy allows you to upgrade the eWONs with the latest firmware version that is available for download from the eWON web site.

eBuddy downloads the firmware and stores it in a folder on the local machine.

Hereunder you can find a step-by-step explanation on how to perform such upgrade.

You can also watch our hands-on video : Updating eWON's firmware using eBuddy

Get the latest firmware from the eWON web site

To download the latest eWON firmware on your PC, use the Update eBuddy link (menu Tools/ Update eBuddy). Select the Internet button to download the firmware from Internet.

Depending on the type of eWON and the language you select, if there is a newer firmware version on the eWON web site, eBuddy will display it.



Update the firmware of your eWON 

When you use the Update Firmware feature, eBuddy compares the firmware of the targeted eWON with the latest firmware available. It proposes to upgrade the eWON if yours is older than the stored and up-to-date firmware you have on your computer.

Use the Update Firmware link in the eBuddy Wizard home page to upgrade the firmware of your eWON. Pay attention that for eWON Flexy & eWON Cosy 131, if you are upgrading to a major version (i.e: from v11.# to v12.#), you need to perform a Recovery or use a Pivot firmware.

Note: On Cosy 131, the recovery must be performed on the LAN port No. 1.




Select an eWON, either by entering directly its IP address or by choosing it in the Browse dialog box; enter the login and password for the eWON, then click on Next in the Update Firmware Wizard.


A summary of what is currently on the eWON will show up. Select the firmware Language and Version you want to apply, then click Next.


The new firmware is being uploaded to the selected eWON.


When the upload is complete, the following dialog box appears.

Please DO NOT power OFF the eWON during the firmware update process or this could lead to an unusable eWON.


Click on the Finish Button to end the update process and exit from the Wizard.