Upgrade manually via FTP

Even if we recommend to perform the upgrade via eBuddy, it is possible to do it by FTP: a manual upgrade of the eWON by copying the right file to the right place.

Retrieve the eWON firmware from our Firmware repository. In the select box named "Filename compliant to" choose the "FTP upgrade" option.

Save the the ewonfwr.edf file on your PC.

Use your favorite FTP Client software to connect to the eWON. This requires to know the IP address of the eWON (which is the host) and its credentials (which are used as username and password).

Drop the ewonfwr.edf file on the root directory of the eWON.


Once the upload is done, close the FTP connection.

It is only at this moment the eWON starts the firmware upgrade process.

From this moment, the “User” LED on the eWON will blink RED.

DO NOT POWER OFF THE eWON UNTIL THE END OF THE UPGRADE PROCESS otherwise the eWON will be lost and must return to factory for repair (contact the Support Team and ask for an RMA).

After 1-2 minutes, depending on eWON’s type, the eWON will reboot itself. Once the reboot has been done, it is then ready to be worked with it.

Note for eWON Cosy 131 and eWON Flexy:
If the upgrade is a major one (i.e: from v8.# to v9.#), the eWON will refuse the transfer of the ewonfwr.edf file and will display an error message. A major update requires a recovery which can only be done via eBuddy.
The previous statement is true only if you are using a firmware version lower than v11. Starting firmware v11, a Pivot firmware can be used to upgrade through FTP.