Software - Flexy 205

  • eBuddy

    eBuddy is eWON’s Maintenance Utility. It is used to read basic information about the eWON, set the IP address, update the firmware, backup/restore the system…

    Current version: 12.3 | Release Notes

    You can find more info on the eBuddy Companion Tool page .

  • eCatcher

    eCatcher is used to connect to the eWONs via our Talk2M servers, through VPN. This tool makes it just as if you were locally connected to the eWON where you could reach the devices behind it.

    Current version: 6.4.1 | Release notes

    You can find more info on the eCatcher Companion Tool page.

  • eSync

    eSync is a software that regroups eWON data logging and alarms on a central server of your choice. The data is stored in MySQL database which can easily be used for different purposes afterwards.

    Current version: 1.6.0 | Releases notes

    You can find more info on the eSync Companion Tool page.

  • SNMP: eWON MIB file

    The Simple Network Management Protocol is used to communicate with any SNMPv1 device on the network.


  • Talk2M Connection Checker

    The Talk2M Connection Checker is a tool that allows you to test your connection before installing eCatcher.

    It checks a list of parameters and renders a conclusion rather or not your connection is able to reach the Talk2M network.

  • viewON

    viewON is a graphical environment used to design animated HMI pages. Embedded as a Web page, viewON transforms the eWON into a powerful remote dashboard that turns tag values into a graphical representation.

    Current version: | Releases notes

    You can find more info on the viewON Companion Tool page.